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Corporate Identity Solutions

Branding Iron In business school you learn that good will or owner’s equity is the difference between the book value of your company’s physical assets and its actual value. In more practical terms, it represents all of the good feelings, positive experiences and personal relationships with customers that you have developed over the years.

No one has to tell you that this is among your greatest assets. It is, in essence, what makes you your own brand.

Effective Logos

Successful companies and organizations use the power of symbolism to create distinctive icons and an overall “look and feel” customers can instantly associate with their business. We call this brand recognition.

Effective corporate identity and successful branding is seldom a do-it-yourself proposition. Yet doing exactly that is a mistake many small business owners make. Establishing an effective corporate identity does not have to be a costly proposition. Going without one, however, can be very expensive.

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More Than Just Logos

There is a lot more to corporate identity than just having a logo.

  • There needs to be a set of written instructions available to anyone who uses the logo which defines what is and is not correct logo use, specifically detailing factors such as size, color and placement.
  • You need to clearly define what your corporate colors are, for both print media and the Internet.
  • You need a consistent design for business cards, envelopes and stationery that uses your logo correctly and reflects not only the approved company colors, but also the overall look and feel your company seeks to achieve.
  • Additionally, you will want instructions that outlines the general appearance of your company’s printed materials, including ads, brochures and documentation. This will specify what typefaces to use, and general layout.

The goal is to do everything possible to achieve instant recognition by consumers. The key is consistency. Achieve it and you win.

Logos We’ve Designed (or Redesigned)

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What Makes an Effective Logo?

You could take a semester-long university course to adequately answer this question. Fortunately, the most important concepts can be explained fairly easily.

If you examine the most successful corporate logos — those for companies such as AT&T, Apple, Dell, the GAP, Nike, Virgin (to name just a few) — you’ll see they have the following in common:

Great Logos
  • Simplicity: Why? Because it ensures faster recognition, even under challenging circumstances. Try this: Take your current logo. Reproduce it in black and white, no more than one-half inch high. Hold it at arm’s length. Is it instantly recognizable? If it isn’t, it’s not simple enough.
  • Distinctiveness: People should not mistake your logo for anyone else’s — especially a competitor’s.

In all likelihood, no. In fact, completely abandoning a logo that has gained widespread recognition is generally a bad idea. It is a step you should only consider if your existing logo is so hopeless that nobody recognizes it.

What you more likely need is to update your existing logo so that it becomes simpler, cleaner and even more recognizable. Many companies do this — particularly in the fast-food industry, as these examples show:

Updated Logos What is key here is that any of these logos would be instantly recognized by anyone familiar with their predecessors. You will note that many of the sample logos we’ve done are not brand-new, but rather updates to existing designs.