There’s No Substitute for Live Action

Video Production

There are some applications for which only video will suffice. Fortunately, when that time comes, we can be there for you.

Our expertise includes live action and animation — both above and under water. We’ve produced a number of educational and promotional videos for broadcast, DVD and web delivery.

And, with today’s technology, the cost of producing video is lower than ever. Why not call us and find out just how affordable it con be.

Sample Instructional Video

The adjacent video was produced for Scuba Diving International (SDI) for use in SDI’s learn-to-dive program. It addresses a key concept for beginning scuba divers — that is, understanding Archimedes Principle and the various states of buoyancy.

The video incorporates a number of elements, including live action, animation and illustrations. It is designed for delivery on DVD, over the Internet and on a CD-ROM based learning program.

As someone once said, the key to making websites effective is to make them as much like watching television as possible. As this example shows, it is not all that difficult to do just that.