Why not make the power of the Internet yours to commean?

We Provide Complete Internet Solutions

Internet That includes:
  • Web design and website upkeep and maintenance.
  • Domain registration and web hosting.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • E-mail and e-commerce.

See for yourself by looking at our clients’ websites on the opposite side of the page. All you have to do to get started is call us.

You Don’t Just Need a Website…

…You need a website that works. It’s a very different world today than existed just a few years ago. Consumer behavior has undergone radical changes. Have you adapted?

Gas and Traffic
  • Between longer working hours, high gas prices and unrelenting traffic, it’s less likely than ever that prospective customers will simply drive to your place of business — not when the Internet can help them save time and gas. However, unless your website comes up regularly in Google™ and other search engines, most prospective customers won’t even know you exist.
  • So you advertise in the Yellow Pages. Big stinkin’ deal. When was the last time you looked in the Yellow Pages? More importantly, ask your customers how often they use the Yellow Pages, as opposed to the Internet.
  • With time in such short supply, prospective customers will want to know all they can about you before calling or visiting. But if you have an amateurish website, or your website can’t quickly and easily answer visitor’s most common questions — well, don’t expect to get a second chance to make a first impression.
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The bottom line is, if yours is like most small businesses, your website is your single most important advertising and marketing tool. You simply can’t afford for it to be anything less than the best it can be. That’s where we come in..

All Smoke and Mirrors?

You’ve seen the e-mails: “I noticed your website does not show up in Google. We can guarantee you a Number One ranking…” Bull. Shit.

No one, absolutely no one can guarantee you a Number One ranking in Google or any other search engine. And, all too often, companies that promise to improve your rankings don’t actually drive traffic to your website, but rather to illicit “doorway” sites they control. They may also rely on “link farms” and other methods that can actually get you blacklisted from Google.


There is no secret to how to do well in Google or other search engines (we do it all the time for our clients). Google makes this information readily available to everybody. All you need is a structurally sound website that follows the rules (yes, there are rules), provides users with rich, usable content and incorporates the key words your customers are most likely to search for. You also want to get as many other real websites as possible to link to yours. Do this and you will rank at least high enough in Google and other search engines for prospective customers to notice you.

More importantly, doing so will help ensure your search-engine listings drive traffic to your website — without the risk of blacklisting or having a third party pull the plug on you.

Maximizing Your Site’s Return


While good, solid design, rich content and common-sense search engine optimization will maximize the number of new customers who come to your website, how do you get your existing customers to visit? The answer is to engage them in an ongoing program of eMarketing.

The primary tool here is an e-mail newsletter. You start by building a database of customer e-mails, then send regular newsletters that link back to new information on your website, which your existing customers will find interesting. This information can be anything from new products or services, to entertainment and “how to” articles.

Effective eMarketing requires knowledge, skill — and the ability to write concise, effective copy. Because of its close relation to website content, many of our clients have us handle all of their eMarketing for them. It’s just one more of the many things we can do for you.

Converting Casual Visitors

A disturbing number of visitors to your website (as much as 50 percent or more) will spend 15 seconds or less on your home page, then leave…and never return. Perhaps what they were looking for didn’t jump out at them. Perhaps the appearance of your site suggested that, to get the information they were after, they might actually have to read.

Vintage TVs

Anyone born after 1950 grew up with television. (That’s most likely your entire customer base.) They are a generation used to having information handed to them. They don’t like to read. They like to read what is on a computer screen even less. (The fact you have bothered to read this far is nothing short of amazing…so, hey, what’s wrong with you?)

To keep these visitors on your site longer, you need to engage them is a way they can’t resist. As someone once said, the way to make the Internet more effective is to make it more like watching television. We can help you do that.

Image Capture

When you arrived at our website, you were greeted by our SitePal avatar. That is one way. Another way is to use simple Flash animations. Among the most engaging ways of all is to literally let your visitors watch television.

On several of our sample sites, you will see pop-up windows with YouTube video, embedded Flash video clips and similar video applications. Many of these we produced ourselves. If you want to convert more casual visitors into customers, this is what you need to do. We can help. Learn more…

Client Website Examples

Go ahead. Click. (Examples open in new window.)

Jim Wood Realty Jim Wood Realty: This property management business is thriving despite tough economic times. Website displays available rentals, area info. See example site.
Advanced Vein Solutions Advanced Vein Solutions: AVS provides north Florida residents with a a unique, minimally invasive solution to varicose veins. Their website makes extensive use of video. See example site.
Harry's Dive Shop Harry’s Dive Shop: Like no other dive store on the planet, this 40-year-old business deserved a website as unique as it is. And that is exactly what they got. See example site.
Santa Fe Canoe Outpost Santa Fe Canoe Outpost: Another business that is thriving, despite tough economic times. Great photography further enhances a highly effective site. See example site.
Concierge Scuba Concierge Scuba: Got $15,000? Great! You can fly first class to the Bahamas, stay at the finest luxury resort, learn to scuba with your own private instructor and then dive with sharks. This site will tell you how. See example site.
Cave Diver Harry's Cave Diver Harry’s Underground Bar and Grill: No, this is not an eatery (although the design would lend itself well to a restaurant or sports bar). It seems one of our partners has an unusual avocation. Check it out. See example site.
Just Add Water Just Add Water: One of the Midwest’s premiere dive centers, Just Add Water leads the region for participation in PADI’s eLearning program. See example site.
Amigos Dive Center Amigos Dive Center: Since 2006, The Best Gas in Cave Country. This unique business succeeds by making its customers family. See example site.
DiveRetailing.com DiveRetailing.com: Published by Sinulogic as a service to dive retailers, DiveRetailing.com is a library of “How To” information on management, marketing, sales and more. See example site.
CaveDiveMexico.com CaveDiveMexico.com: Divemaster Connie LoRe specializes in leading group trips for certified cave divers to Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Note how this site’s theme reflects the area’s rich Mayan culture. See example site.
Stupid Diver Tricks Stupid Diver Tricks: It’s the Darwin Awards for divers. Learn to be a better, safer diver by avoiding some of the dumbest stunts imaginable. See example site.